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US Smart Dimmer Switch
About Smart Dimmer Switch for Dimmable Led Lights/Halogen/Incandescent Bulbs


Transform your living environment with a smart modern dimmer switch for led lights!
Hidintech is your best source in a wifi dimmer switch to enhance your decoration, and create the atmosphere for any occasion.
Types of smart dimmer switch google home from Hidintech:

KS-7011 US Standard Full Range Stepless Digital Dimmer Switch
KS-7012 American Standard 6 Grade Smart Dimmable Switch Alexa

KS-7011 KS-7012  
led dimmer switch dimmer switch for led lights  

1 gang, 2 gangs, 3 gangs dimmer switch for option
Single dimmer switch, double dimmer switch, or triple dimmer switch by one packaging. That is 1pc, 2pcs or 3pcs in one package as your need

What's the advantage of Wireless Led Dimmer Switch?

Hidintech is one of the best home automation companies for the internet of things suppliers, companies, importer, distributors, buyers,  and wholesalers. Get the best price from us.
1. No MOQ
2. Brand your logo in bulk
3. OEM/ODM with a professional R&D team
4. Private mold make it unique and contemporary
5. Dropshipping
6. Wholesale dimmer switch price
7. 12 months warranty
8. The after-sale service team

The benefits of a remote control dimmer switch.
1.Energy savings
You could dim your lights to save energy. The amount of light output is diminished, the less electricity is consumed.
2. Dramatically increase comfort for eyes
It would avoid your eyes from direct strong lights in darkness when turning on lights at night
3.Extend the lifespan of led lights
Less usage increased the bulb lifespan.
4. Décor. 
Upgrade the outlook of your wall by installing a led dimmer or double dimmer switch in a few minutes. 

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