KS-7011 US Digital Remote Dimmer Switch Manufacturers for Led Bulbs,US Smart Dimmer Switch

KS-7011 US Digital Remote Dimmer Switch Manufacturers for Led Bulbs

Item No.: KS-7011
Safety Remote Dimmer Switch Wireless
ETL, CE, FCC, ROHS listed
Support OEM, ODM, home automation project
best dimmer switch wholesale factory direct price
step-less dimmer switch for Led Bulbs
Digital light dimmer switch
Power-off memory function
Description Specifications
Shenzhen Hidintech has been engaged in the development and production of smart home switches since 2013. We wholesale this stepless incandescent remote control dimmer switch for led lights to United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.
     KS-7011 dimmable light switch passed the CE, FCC, ROHS, and ETL certificates. We always insist quality comes first. Our material is with a PC-V0 fire retardant. Every wifi light dimmer switch is 100% rigorous inspected before packing and shipping. 

     In order to meet your different requirements, we support OEM ODM and light customs with excellent customer service and more options.

*  Voltage: 100V-250V
*  No MOQ for available stock
*  Support OEM ODM
*  Warranty: 1 Year
*  1 gang dimmer switch, 2 gangs dimmer switch, 3 gangs dimmer switch for option
*  Electronic light dimmer switches are packed in one box with single dimmer switch, double dimmer switch for led lights, triple dimmer switch
*  Professional aftersales team support: If you have any smart wall dimmer switch wiring or other problem, we will send you a guide for the first time. 

KS-7011 US Remote Control Dimmer Light Switch
digital dimmer
KS-7011 wireless dimmer switch for led lights adopts the design of digital display screens, buttons, and large panels.
There is an LED display in the middle area of touch pad dimmer switch. The LED screen could not only display the brightness level of dimming but also
an on-off the wifi dimmer switch for lamp.
The upper and lower buttons are used to adjust the brightness of the light. The button pattern on the top is a large light bulb. It indicates an increase button to brighten the light brightness; the button pattern below is a small light bulb. It means a decrease button to turn down the light brightness. With the 120-type large panel, the whole wireless lamp dimmer switch
 a high-end outlook, showing a simple and generous design concept.

Digital smart dimmer for led lights to show the stepless brightness.
"I" stands for the minimum brightness, while "H" is the maximum brightness. 
"8" rapidly flashing means that you are in EZ mode.
"L" represents a successful connection
"-" represents failure connection
"0" represents power off

dimmer light switch
In-wall incandescent dimmer switch
Wireless remotely operated electrical dimmer switch 
smart dimmer switch
Remove the panel, you will find two small DIP switches on the left edge of the dimmer control switch. From top to bottom, the first DIP switch represents the wattage level of the light, and the second DIP switch represents the type of light.
It allows the user to adjust remote dimmable light switch according to the wattage level. Because each lamp has a different starting voltage and current, many remote light dimmer switches will flicker when adjusting the lamp. Our switch is set to A, B, C three levels to solve the light flashing. The best dimming effect can be achieved through the three gears A, B, C. After the DIP switch is adjusted to the appropriate gear, you can start using the switch. (Generally, the factory default settings allow users to use this remote control light dimmer switch directly without debugging). 
Hidin's wireless led dimmer switch can adjust the incandescent lamp and LED.
You could adjust to the appropriate light brightness as per the subtle differences of different lamp types. It will ensure that the lamp does not flicker. It’s a spotlight and advantage in comparison with the similar remote control dimmable light switch on the market.
D: Adjust the downlight. When your home’s light is a downlight, please place it in D position
L: Adjust the LED. If your light is an LED light, please select the L level.
S: If your lamp is incandescent or your lamp does not support dimming, please set the gear 
Switch to S position.

Dimmer timer switch - Set the time on Smart Life app for lighting dimmer switch
light dimmer timer
Led lamp dimmer switch
Handsfree voice control your dimmer lamp. 

alexa dimmer switch

How to connect dimmable led light switch with Amazon Alexa app or Google Home app? 
Open the Amazon Alexa app to pair with the Alexa dimmer switch. Enable the Smart Life skill and ask Alexa to discover devices to link the dimmable wireless light switch.
Regarding Google Home, open the Google Home app. Tap " Home Control" in the menu, select " add devices" and click " Smart Life".

The remote control dimmer switch led compatible has a single pole dimmer switch, 2 pole dimmer switch, 3 pole dimmer switch.

Double dimmer light switch
double led dimmer switch
Triple light switch with dimmer
triple dimmer
Dual light dimmer switch or triple dimmer switch is accepted in one package. You could also make combination dimmer switches with other US standard light switches.
KS-7011 smart led dimmer switch Amazon and other channel sells very well.
KS-7012 another best dimmer for led recessed lights
 with different outlook only sell offline.
Power supply mode Neutral+live wire dimmable wifi light switch
Rated voltage AC110V~125V(50/60Hz); 120v led dimmer
Load power INC 500W(Max);LED 150W(Max)
Wireless standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Working frequency 2.412~2.484MHz
Wireless security support WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Encryption type WEP/AES/TKIP
Static power loss ≤0.5W

The advantage for KS-7011 wireless digital light switch timer is as below,
1.Modern dimmer switches in white with black digital screen - Turn on-off the switch by touching the black digital parts. 
2.Connection in minutes - ISO or Android smartphone device under 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network to connect for the first time. Download the Smart Life app and follow the guide of it. 
3. Stepless Full Range dimmer switch - You could use custom settings for preset lighting levels and fade rates to get the best dimming performance.  
Compared with the 110V dimmer switches on the market, the KS-7011 has a wider adjustable range. It can be accurate to a few percent of the brightness, while the same type of illuminated dimmer switches is generally made in the 3rd and 5th steps. In this way, the large span of the light brightness is likely to cause discomfort. Hidin puts himself into consideration for users and strives to create a good and comfortable user experience.
4. Gradual Change Function- When the user turns off the smart dimming switch from a certain gear, the light will not go off immediately, but will gradually dim until the light is off. There is a buffering process that allows users’ eyes to adapt to changes in the darkness.
5. Memory function: The smart dimmer switch will remember that the brightness level last time you turned off the light. When you turn on the light again, the intelligent dimmer switch will automatically return to the previous brightness level. And this process is also a process of gradual brightening, and you won't see the dazzling light instantly. This design is to protect the life of the lamp, and more importantly, protect the user's eyes from strong light stimulation. The user experience is excellent.
6. The keys feel crisp and sensitive to touch
7. The back shell uses an aluminum sheet. The smart wall dimmer switch is designed with a heat sink. This facilitates product heat dissipation and extends product life.
8. No Hubs needed 
9. Mobile Smart Life or Tuya Smart app Led remote dimmer switch 

10. Wireless light dimmer timer - You can set timing points to turn the switch on or off. Currently, a smart electronic dimmer switch supports 20 sets of timing scene settings.
11. Sharing Function -You can share the control of this switch app with your family and friends. So they can also control this switch.
12. Group Function 
13. Smart Voice Dimmer works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home
14. Easy to install 
15. Best led dimmer switch no buzz
 or noise when dimming even in hollow walls
16. Passed ETL, FCC certifications
17. Best led dimmer switch no flicker - As KS-7011 has 
DIP switches to solve this kind of problem. 
18. Indoor weatherproof dimmer switch- The working environment is -20 to 75C, humidity is below 95%. It could cope with various weather conditions and be a wet location dimmer switch. It's also an ideal waterproof dimmer switch in the bathroom. 
Application Scenarios
1. Apartment/family: At different moments, wifi controlled dimmer switch can create a personalized lighting field for your scene, whether it’s a party or watching TV, reading a book or taking a break, by adjusting different lights brightness, to create a relaxing, comfortable, warm, and romantic lighting field for you and your family view.  
2. Bedroom/Living Room/Corridor/Bathroom dimmer switch: Adjust the brightness of ceiling lamps, bedside lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamp dimmer switch to create a comfortable resting port bay. Set up scenes such as "getting up at night", "reading" and "rest". 
3. Other places like the office, hospital, hotel, etc.
4. Automatic dimmer switch for 2 lights or more at the same time

Wireless Dimmer Switch Kit in Packaging

Manual, large cover, screw, wire cap. No need to purchase additional installation materials.

Product Packaging
Remote led dimmer switch with accessories is well packed in gift boxes. The high-end and concise packaging design is well-favored by customers. Support the OEM logo on the remote light switch dimmer or customized packaging.

Pairing Mode
Wifi flash mode means multiple devices can be connected at one time;
Slow flash mode represent only one device can be connected at a time
The factory default is flash mode.

1) This wifi white dimmer switch is used in alternating current, not a low voltage dimmer switch.
2) Zero live wire switch, it needs a neutral wire to work
3) Only dimmable LEDs and incandescent bulbs are supported, do not support CFL lamps. 
Installation precautions: Install the corresponding wires to the right ports of the wireless light switch dimmer. The instructions in our box have detailed instructions. Please follow our instructions to install. If you can't install
smart light switch dimmer by yourself, please ask a professional electrician to help.

Questions customers will encounter
The light flashes/flicker after connecting the wifi led dimmer switch?
Solution: Check whether the lamp is an incandescent lamp or LED, and then check the power of the lamp in watts. After finding out these two key factors, the problem will be solved as soon as the DIP switch is moved to the appropriate gear.