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Milfra is a rich experienced smart home manufacturer. It integrates independent research and development, design, customized production, and sales of smart products. We devoted to smart product solutions for daily life. Let people enjoy the convenience brought by technology.

Market Demand and Prospects

Have you come across the following problems,
there are more and more computer peripherals and too few laptop USB ports?
Is it not convenient to plug in and out the rear socket of a desktop computer every time?
Forgot to unplug after use and damage the device?
Is the USB socket for charging small appliances not enough? Overcharge your mobile phone all night?
Then MF01 solves all these problems and integrates multiple functions into one. Wireless USB docking station is a smart household essential product. Milfra developed and produced the advanced wireless docking station for laptop and computer to fill demands on the market. This means that the product will have unlimited development space and benefits. It would provide more business opportunities for the market.
A USB hub can be divided into USB2.0 HUB and USB3.0 Hub according to its USB protocol. The wireless universal laptop docking station is based on the ordinary USB hub with a Wifi chip. It can enable us to remotely turn on and off the universal laptop docking station.

Product Details Experience

This wifi USB hub uses a rectangular design, the size is L108*W40*H13 (mm). The metal gray aluminum alloy frame design is stylish and heats dissipation. Piano baking paint process treatment makes it anti-skid protector, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch. Separate design of the data cable, it is more flexible to use and store. The product is small and exquisite. It is easy to carry and essentials for travel and office.
The USB cable has 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m optional, four-port high-speed 3.0 interface. On the back is the brand information of the product. It can be used for silk-screen printing customers' logos. On the side is the desktop docking station's DC5V input port, a black button can control the on and off of all USB ports, power indicator light, Wi-Fi indicator light, USB3.0 power supply port, and a Micro USB3.0 auxiliary power supply interface.
On the other side of the product, there are 4 high-speed 3.0 USB output ports. At the same time, each USB3.0 output port can be opened or closed separately through the mobile phone, which is energy-saving and practical.

Product Parameter

Input: USB 3.0 male interface. You can also connect to TypeC, but the transfer rate is only 2.0
Output: 4 x USB 3.0 ports (the transfer rate of USB3.0 is 10 times that of USB2.0,3.0 is 9-pin, 2.0 is only 4-pin)
USB specification: USB 3.0 transfer speed 5Gbps, backward compatible with 2.0/1.1
Power supply: Micro USB interface DC 5V±5%
Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
Support system: MAC OS/Windows/Linux system
Body size: L108*W40*H13(mm)
Cable length: 20mm
App: "Smart Life" and "Tuya Smart"
Product material: aluminum alloy, surface oxidation treatment
Transmission method: mobile phone-cloud-router-product-execution

Product Advantages

1. 4-port USB3.0 splitter, supporting 5Gbps fast data transfer of large files, and running at full load without freezing
2. Support 4 simultaneous transmission
3. Notebook docking station -An external mouse and keyboard can be used to improve the efficiency of the notebook
4. The signal is stable and does not freeze, connect keyboard and mouse, surf the Internet, play games, and work without delay
5. Support mouse and keyboard, U disk, mobile hard disk, radiator, printer, bank U shield, card reader. In addition, an independent Micro USB power supply with a voltage of DC 5V±5% is used when the 4 USB ports are fully loaded and carry relatively high-power small home appliances, such as USB fans, desktop lamps, USB humidifiers, mobile phones, and tablets, USB toothbrush
6. Voice control (Compatible with Amazon Alexa and google home)
2) Mobile phone app control (timing/countdown function, sharing function, each USB port can be controlled on/off independently, and all USB ports can be closed or opened by one key. The name of the USB port on the app can be changed according to user needs so that users can understand Remember the device name corresponding to each USB connection)
7. Timing function, select a few times you want to turn on or off the hub regularly
8. You can share the remote control function to your family or friends with one click
9. One key to turn on or off 4 USB hubs
10. Exquisite workmanship, tight fit, built-in leakage, short circuit, protection module, small and portable

Application Scenarios

The wireless laptop computer docking station is to extend the USB port on the computer to connect more external devices (mouse, keyboard, U disk, mobile phone, desktop fan, desktop light, etc.)
High-speed file transfer can effectively solve the trouble that users cannot connect more than three external devices when using a computer. Computer gadgets.
It can also be used to extend the USB charging of small homes, such as mobile phones, USB speakers, etc. Turn off regularly to save worry and energy.

Product Packaging

Independently designed color box packaging, 1pc portable docking station, built-in 1 product manual, 1 USB3.0 charging cable, 1 USB3.0 hub.