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zigbee protocol 3.0|φ90*23.5mm|PC-V0 Fireproof Material|Tuya Smart|Smart Life APP Control|Voice Control|Wholesale Price|OEM&ODM|Custom Packing|Brand Your Logo|1 Year Warranty
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About Zigbee Hub|Zigbee Gateway|zigbee Bridge
Zigbee Hub also named Zigbee Gateway, Zigbee Bridge, Smart Home Hub, Zigbee IOT Gateway, Zigbee Controller & Zigbee Router etc..
   Zigbee Smart Home Gateway enables zigbee access to monitor, secure and control your home with connected zigbee products like zigbee sensor and zigbee smart switches . Our Zigbee gateway device uses zigbee standard 3.0. In this way, you could buy zigbee products from different brands and app solution company.
   The zigbee smart hub is simple to install and easy to get started. You could connect up to 100 lights. Voice commands the lights by using Amazon Alexa,Google Assistant,IFTTT. No need to worry about the lights you forget to turn off in a rushing morning. With this home automation hub, you could control your zigbee compatible devices on smart life app on IOS and Android from anywhere.
Smart Home Solutions Tuya Smart
App Smart Life
Input 5V/1A
Zigbee Standard IEEE802.15.4
Working Environment -10℃ to 55℃
Working Humidity <90%
Product Size φ90*23.5mm

About Hidintech  

Shenzhen Hidintech manufacture best smart home hub with certicates and high quality materials for our business partners,cooperator,distributors,companies,importer,vendors,hardware shops,supermarkets,retailers and organizations. You could get a best bulk price with good quality.

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  • OEM/ODM.Our R&D team will send the best smart home solutions for you if you want to customized your zigbee projects.
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Zigbee Gateway Technology Advantage :

1. Support for scenario configuration, users only need to pair the gateway when they start living in the house and easily control it.
2. One key to add sub-device, meanwhile, support more devices join in the network. As well as support to add the device without network 
3. Quickly pairing, optimized user experience.
4. Can control more devices at a time without mixing up the network.it has good control experience under the big scale network working.
5. Accept local scene linkage, as well as support other brand gateways local linkage.
6. A reliable local group control service can be acceptable.
7. Support Each step OTA service, such as the hub, Zigbee terminal, and MCU which is Zigbee terminal module matched.
8. Based on Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol development, products can be passed Zigbee alliance 3.0 certification. 
Support to access Mainstream manufacturer 's Zigbee device, such as Hue, Smart Thing, etc.
9. Support the function of preventing users delete accidentally, effectively deal with customer touch by mistake, cause sub-device out of the network. 
10. Expand the 3-grade sub-device framework.
11.Can be remote gain the local blog of the gateway, support sub-device error code, gateway blog, etc all will be a report in real-time. It has a good ability of Later maintenance.