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Update time : 2019-10-14 15:08:27
Today is the last day at the HK Electonic Fair. Thanks for all the friends coming from all over the world like our products.
We are taking many new products for the exhibition to meet the market's needs.
Our new products are as below:
Zigbee smart light switch- both for EU/UK and the US
Zigbee smart curtain switch - EU/UK
Zigbee smart fan switch
Zigbee 3 way smart light switch
Zigbee gateway TZ01
Wi-Fi mini smart switch TB31
Wi-Fi switch module TB41
Wi-Fi garage door switch TB10
Smart curtain switch KS-607
86 style smart switch with brushed metal frame 1/2/3 gang TB11/TB12/TB13/TB21/TB22/TB23
Smart switch with socket TB20
UK smart wall socket with double USB TBU02

We also updated some hot products to make them perfect!
* This time we updated KS7011 120 smart dimmer switch. We added two buttons at the side to make it a better dimming experience. The material of the middle glass was changed to acrylic glass and the hand feel of press buttons was improved, too.
* KS-602F is added a reset button and net-connecting button.

With a strong developing department and a complete production line, we could offer you the best technical, quality, and after-sale support!
Do you want to know more detail and try our samples right now?

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Below are more photos for HK Electronic Fair.

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